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The Incomparable 570: Why Can't All Movies Be Muppet Movies?

Look, we love the Muppets. But the franchise has been very quiet lately. It’s time to get Muppet movies back on the big screen! And so in this episode, all our panelists pitch new Muppet movies we’d like to see. And along the way they do a bunch of Muppet voices, too, because of course they do.

Muppet movie pitch draft

Host Jason Snell with Philip Michaels, Stephen Hackett, Quinn Rose, Moisés Chiullan, Nathan Alderman, David J. Loehr, Monty Ashley and Kelly Guimont

Referenced Works The Muppets Show Notes & Links


  • Nathan - “The Muppets Take the MCU”
  • Kelly - “Felted Goldmine”
  • Quinn - “Mamma! Mia! Muppet! Movie!”
  • Phil - “Muppet GoodFellas”
  • Moises - “Muppets Into the Muppetverse”
  • Stephen - “Muppets Back to the Future”
  • David - “Kermit’s 11”
  • Monty - “The Muppet Club”
  • Jason - “Disney’s the Muppets’ Marvel’s The Muppet Avengers”

What was left:

  • Nathan - “Jim Henson’s Jane Austin’s Muppets and Misadventures”
  • Kelly - “Uncle Deadly and Lou Zealand Are Dead”, “Muppet Goonies”
  • Quinn - “Muppet Clue!” “Muppet Phantom of the Opera” “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Muppet Movie”
  • Phil - “Muppets Dark Crystal”, “Felt Diggers of 2021”, “Muppet Magnum, P.I.”
  • Moises - “Muppet Ragtime”, “Muppet Trek”, “Muppet Follies of 2021”, “Muppets Save a High School”, “Jim Henson’s Dracula”
  • Stephen - “Into the Woods”, “Harry Potter”, “Star Wars”, “The Lego Muppet Movie”
  • David - All “the President’s Muppets,” “The Swedish Job,” “Dr. Strangepork”, “Muppet Impossible”, “2001: A Muppets from Space Odyssey”, “Muppet Becket”, “The Bear In Winter”, “Kiss Me Frog”, “Kermit Prince of Denmark”
  • Monty - “The Lighthouse” with Ernie and Bert, “Midnight Cowboy” with Rizzo as Ratzo Rizzo, “Muppet The Lion King”, “Joker” starring Fozzie, “Saw” with Pepe, “The Ring” with Janis, “Grey Gardens” starring Statler & Waldorf, “Cool Cat Saves the Muppets”, “The Warriors” with muppet TV gangs, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
  • Jason - “The Muppets Wedding Hangover”
Nathan really wrote it, folks.


 2021-06-20  1h10m