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episode 10: 10: From Coastal UK To Outback Australia

Ken Sharpe emigrated from Bournemouth, UK to regional Australia in 2010.

He moved more than 9,000 miles from a coastal town to Kalgoorlie, an outback city in Australia, where he works on gold mines. 

The human resources advisor has become a bit of celebrity in the town over the past ten years, from making his radio debut as host of the weekly sports show to being a stand up comedian and an award winning photographer. 

You can see Ken’s photography from outback Australia here:

Bullet points of key topics & time stamps:  

 ● 02:12 – Ken explains how he ended up living in regional Australia

 ● 07:04 – Find out how far Ken lives from the coast

 ● 08:04 – Ken talks about the temperature in the outback city

 ● 11:05 – Find out how Ken found his first job

 ● 13:21 – The opportunities Ken has found in Kalgoorlie

List of resources mentioned in episode, suggested reading & social media handles:  

 ● Information about regional work visas in Australia 

 ● Kalgoorlie on Wikipedia 

 ● Kalgoorlie Visitor Centre website 

 ● Ken’s lightening photo in Kalgoorlie’s local paper 


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 2021-06-19  17m