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Welcome to the Virtue Podcast with Cathe Laurie. In every season, there is always room for growth. We believe that faith grows best in a group community that is centered on the study of God’s Word and deeply rooted in living out the gospel, life on life. Join us weekly as Cathe and the teaching team share thoughts to reinforce our Bible study and discussion time. Monthly episodes feature Girl Talk discussions with Cathe and special guests. Learn more at


episode 2: Persistent Prayer (with Shelley Hurley)

Do you ever feel as though the battle is raging and troubles are swallowing you up? Do you have thoughts of failure, discouragement and defeat? In this episode, Shelley Hurley reminds us that prayer not only changes circumstance—it changes us! But in an age of demanding instant results, we give up and stop praying.

Don’t fail . . . prevail! Don’t miss the joys and rewards that are yours when you choose to enlist and persist in the mountain-moving, miraculous engagement of prayer. 


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 2021-06-20  24m