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BIGGEST RISK with Charles Hadsell

if you're willing, I'd like to ask you, Charles. Hansel, what is the BIGGEST RISK?


Charles Hadsell  32:36  

Yeah, sure. Darrin, I think, you know, when I thought about this, I think the biggest risk I think about is technology rescue, you know, even even alluded to it a little a little earlier in our discussion, right of kind of the early generation water bugs having so many like false alerts that it kind of caused the owner to like be dead in because the alerts and now you have a real issue. And now you're, you miss it. So I think technology changes rapidly, you know, and this kind of comes back to my time and some doctor as well, we look at the pace of innovation on putting more electronics into smaller places and asking like these, you know, end nodes of the network to do a lot more you rather than sending it back to some centralized server, you're having decisions made at the very edge of the network. So reliability is like is like very important for these, these these applications. And I think with semiconductor technology, reliability is continually improving. But there's always that risk of a component failing at the wrong time and leading to like a bad outcome. You know, so that's why we kind of like to take the approach of kind of layers of redundancy, you know, like, so for example, like to prevent, like water loss in your basement or in the basement of a building, have a sensor to tell you, if someone left the exterior door open, then have a sensor that tells you it starts to get cold, then a sensor to tell you that there's a water problem, you know, so you have kind of three layers of redundancy there that could kind of prevent, prevent a disaster. So So that's kind of how I think about risk is like a technology is changing rapidly, you need a platform that could adapt to that. So you're not kind of stuck in the stone age's with the platform that's, you know, out of date are no longer relevant. And then also like the kind of I say that the connectivity risk, you know, of a, that power outage happens, what happens to your system, we saw what happened in Texas, you know, a few months ago where all that led to all that damage. So that's why we covered this a couple different places on the show today, you know, cellular i think is the right technology medium for these IoT systems and these rental property and like landlord applications, just because it's up, it's up when everything else is not up. So that's kind of my overall kind of thought of you technology risk is kind of the big one and that's how we really like to wrap your head around minimizing the impact and putting redundancies in place.


 2021-06-22  2m