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Episode 238: Calls Emails and Questions Oh My!

This week we're focusing on your questions! We take your calls, answer emails, and with the help of the community we solve some Linux problems!

-- During The Show -- 02:40 Caller - Bret
  • Vendor agnostic hybrid conference room
  • Audio: Audio-Technica Pro
  • Video: PCI capture device
  • c920 webcam Amazon Affiate Link
  • c930e Webcam Amazon Affiliate Link
  • PTZOPtics
  • Axis Cameras
22:15 Caller - Tony
  • Desktop graphics issues
25:55 Guide for installing AMD drivers? - Charlie
  • Detailed Explanation
26:50 Google Voice Alternative? - David
  • Google Voice Killing SMS
  • Matrix SMS Bridge
  • Twillio Bridge
  • JMP Chat
  • Matrix Bifrost
38:00 Caller - Jared
  • Resizing a windows partition
  • Use Gparted (defragment the drive first)
  • Use windows built in Disk Management in the Management Console
40:00 User Responds to 235 Zebre Printers - Skylar
  • Easypost
42:00 Jordan Replies Fix for WiFi Switching - Jordan
  • Arch Linux Wiki
  • Ask Ubuntu Wifi Roaming
  • Ask Ubuntu Wireless Priority
43:50 Low powered convertable device? - Joel
  • No personal experience, but go go it
  • Fedora Wiki 32-bit UEFI support Thank You Conan Kudo
44:50 Pick of the Week
  • RustDesk
  • Remote Desktop Support
46:00 Gadget of the Week
  • Time trace
  • Reddit Post about Time Trace
47:50 Rocky Linux
  • Rocky Linux Post
  • Report bugs or issues via Bugzilla
  • Released as
    • Container Images
    • Docker Hub
    • Cloud Offerings
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud Platform
50:20 Right to Repair
  • Vice Article
  • Congressman Joseph Morelle (D-NY) filed national right-to-repair legislation with Congress.
  • Farmers have been locked out of fixing their own tractors
54:40 New HTTP Spec Proposed
  • Ars Technica Article
  • ADPC
  • Two specs proposed
  • Aims to eleminate cookie banners
-- The Extra Credit Section --

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