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episode 277: Ecommerce AI

Did you know that with tailored AI powered recommendations, your online store might increase sales by up to 30%? Learn what AI could be doing to transform customer preferences into better outcomes for your customers and you. To be successful, retailers must personalise their customer's experiences. To make this happen, knowing the customer's preferences, intent and context are key. Learn how you can leverage machine learning techniques to personalise and improve the shopping experience for your customers. Are you still using rules-based recommendations to power your online store recommendations? Are you missing out on more intuitive analysis that could dynamically improve the personalisation you offer? Are you able to auto catalogue your new products, or are they all catalogued manually still? Can you analyse sentiment in reviews at scale? Explore what to expect and what's possible with AI in the e-commerce space. We also explore where AI may go next and highlight some of the disruptive challenges that all-knowing AI may highlight. Useful Links If you would like to know more about this technology, CartUp AI has produced a helpful guide to complement this interview. Download it here  CartUp AI


 2021-06-23  20m