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277: 1st Orgasms Since Surgery And 1st Followup Results

In “Behind The Porn Scenes” Podcast Episode 277 you will hear:

  • Why we are both feeling MUCH better and more healed up!!
  • Where I still have stitches and staples!!
  • How I was such a great nurse and got props from the doctor!!
  • What I was SO proud of myself for dumping and getting rid of!!
  • How many grams of fiber I eat per day compared to the average American diet!!
  • What spice/seasoning I’m trying to dial back because I eat A LOT of it!!
  • How many bottles of water I drink every day!!
  • Which video I way overdid it in and my vagina had to recover!!
  • What B can now do so he could actually survive without me!!
  • How we have wound free creampies still CUMMING out brand new!!
  • When I completely regretted getting the surgery!!
  • What I’m MOST excited for as I get back to normal and full speed recovery soon!!
  • Why you’ll see me transforming back and forth from 6 pack to scars!!
  • How long my surgeon thinks my tumor was inside me!!
  • Which video was A LOT of fun to record and do and admitting why B was right!!

The video versions of the podcasts always get posted the week after, so you can listen to today’s podcast right now of course then go back and watch the video version of last week’s HERE.


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 2021-06-27  23m