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A (mostly) weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about…kindof.



episode 191: 191: r/royalsgossip goes PRIVATE, snark subs, and why do we even care about these people anyway?

Well we WERE going to talk about r/royalsgossip, but in a hilarious twist of fate, the sub went private in short time period between when we decided to talk about it, and when we actually recorded. So in this episode, we speculate on why the sub might have gone private, why snark corners of the internet (and the grocery store isle) are so captivating, and why in queen's name do we even care about the royal family in the first place?

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 2021-06-28  1h32m