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Physics Alive is the podcast where host, Brad Moser, Ph.D., sparks new life into the physics classroom. Each episode supports and shares the many forward-thinking developments that have come from physics education research and inspiring educators. Brad speaks with teachers who employ innovative and active learning styles, researchers on the frontiers of physics education, catalysts for change on important social issues in the STEM community, and students who want the most out of their education.


episode 23: Sap, Redshift, Justice, and Universal Design for Learning

Today we talk about three articles and one new column from the May 2021 issue of the journal The Physics Teacher.

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Journal: The Physics Teacher


Article #1 [Starts @ 2:30]:

  • Title: Sap Is Clever? Sap Ascent for Undergraduates Investigated with an Artificial Tree
  • Authors: Sergio González-Cámara, Soledad Sanz-Alférez, Maria-Isabel Orús, and Jose-Ramón Ares

Article #2 [Starts @ 11:30]:

  • Title: Three Redshifts: Doppler, Cosmological, and Gravitational
  • Author: Silvia Simionato

New Column [Starts @ 18:40]:

  • Title: Justice issues in physics and physics education
  • Column editors: Deepak Iyer and Shannon Wachowski

Article #3 [Starts @ 21:10]:

  • Title: Using Universal Design for Learning to Support Students with Disabilities in a SCALE-UP Physics Course
  • Authors: Westley James, James H. Cooney, Jacquelyn J. Chini, Eleazar Vasquez III, and Jillian Schreffler


 2021-07-02  40m