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episode 26: UK procurement fiascos and FLRAA update

In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast, the Shephard news team looks at some of the highlights emerging from the latest UK National Audit Office (NAO) report on MoD procurement in the air, land and sea domains; and we talk to Bell about the progress of the V-280 Valor programme to meet US Army Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) requirements.

Newsround [00:30] 

The Royal Canadian Navy on 26 June commissioned Harry DeWolf as the first of eight planned Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships, as the country seeks to bolster its capabilities in the High North.

At the SOFINS show this week in Bordeaux, Internest and Zodiac Milpro announced joint development of a take-off and landing platform for autonomous UAVs on rigid hull inflatable boats.

New helicopters for the Japanese army have moved a step closer to reality now after development of the UH-2 utility platform was declared complete on 24 June. 

In Focus

Defence Journalist Alix Valenti, Air Editor Tim Martin and Senior Land Reporter Tim Fish discuss all key points emerging from the recent NAO report as the UK MoD faces programmes delays, cancellations, fall in number of platform upgrades across the air, land and sea domains.

Interview- Bell on V-280 Valor [27:32]

Tim Martin is on the line with Ryan Ehinger, VP and programme director of the FLRAA Future Long Range Assault Aircraft programme/ V-280 Valor at Bell, to discuss the progress of the platform which has now entered Competitive Design and Risk Reduction Phase 2. 

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 2021-07-01  50m