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Nerdy pals Anne and Marcus are coming straight to your ears every other week to talk all things niche and obscure video games! If you like games from Japan, retro oddities, and a dash of anime, this is the podcast for you!



Pixel x Pixel Episode 66

What other podcast gives you commentary on raunchy puppet films, a backwards chronological journey through John Waters’ filmography, all the latest gaming AND anime news? None other than Pixel x Pixel! We’re back for episode 66 and while Marcus is returning to the office part time in our new “COVID normal,” Anne is chilling in yet another city-wide lockdown. Get comfy and have a listen!

9:30 – Media Minutes: Let My Puppets Come, Polyester, Raging Loop
40:00 – Notable News: Fxxx Me Royally physical edition, AI Sominium Files: nirvanA Initiative, GAMERella Global, Evangelion movies coming to Amazon Prime, Falcom 40th anniversary announcements


♫ “Willie Lomans,” “5 minutes pleasure,” and “6 pence and moon” from Alphabet Planet by Hiroki Kikuta


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 2021-07-06  n/a