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Episode 240: Forked FTW

After a privacy policy update to Audacity, a FOSS audio editing software has been forked. Google is forcing new apps to use app bundles instead of APKs starting in August, and Jim Whitehurst steps down from his role just 14 months in.

-- During The Show -- 01:00 User Responds to User RE: MBOX - Jay
  • Mbox Viewer
  • Supports files larger than 4G
  • Export all attachments
  • Export in EML
  • Export all to separate EML
03:50 File permissions TrueNAS/NFS - Gray
  • Check your permissions
    • dataset - including child datasets
    • NFS share
  • FreeNAS/TrueNAS configuration is separate from the ZFS dataset
06:30 Matrix server question - Vladimir
  • EMS (Element Matrix Services)
  • Matrix is a server/client relationship
    • Server - Synapse
    • Client - Element
  • Account portability/P2P is coming
    • Dendrite
  • Matrix Migration Tool
17:30 Feedback/thanks - Lukasz
  • Thank You Noah
21:22 Email - Charlie Reacts to Audacity - Charliebrownau
  • Why are governments/companies allowed to hijack opensource projects
  • Bad things on the horizon for audacity
22:50 Pick of the Week
  • InkBox
  • OS replacement for Kobo eReader
  • Kobox/x11 support
  • OS built around security
    • root file system checked on boot
    • signed packages
  • Kobo eReader Affiliate Link
  • Kobo Packages
24:50 Gadget of the Week
  • Rain Design 10037 mTower Vertical Laptop Stand

    • High Quality
    • Aesthetically Pleasing
    • Fits a variety of Laptops
    • One piece / nothing to strip
    • Heavy / doesn't slide around
    • Rubber padding protect laptop
  • Amazon Affiliate Link

  • Lenovo Thunderbolt Dock Affiliate Link

  • Dell Monitor Affiliate Link

30:20 Jim Whitehurst Leaves IBM
  • Newsroom Article
  • Jim stayed on after the IBM acuasition
  • Jim is leaving after 14 Months
  • IBM had nothing to do with CentOS
Google Forcing App Bundles
  • Slash Gear
  • Google Developers Blog
  • Google is forcing new apps to use android app bundles (.aab) instead of APKs in August
  • Play Asset Delivery replaces OBB
    • better compression
    • dynamic delivery (deltas)
    • smaller apps
  • Play Feature Delivery
    • allows minimum app download
    • the rest of the app downloads in the background
  • Utilizes Google Play only features
  • Requires developers to do the heavy lifting
  • Requires developers to maintain 2 versions of their app if they want to distribute their software outside the play store
49:10 Audacity
  • Github Disccusion
  • Reddit Discussion
  • Slashgear
  • 3.0.3 RC1 Released
  • Adds Binary for Linux via AppImage
  • Ubuntu Handbook
  • Switch to 64-bit Windows binary
  • Dropped Windows XP support
  • Improved default spectrogram colors
  • Fix user interface display issue on HiDPI display in Linux.
  • Fix that font size scales incorrectly.
  • Updated Privacy Policy
  • 3 Compile Flags
    • Network Flag = Off Default, no networking features are built regardless of what other flags are set to
    • Sentry Reporting - Default ON -- Enables error reporting to
    • Crash Reports - Default ON -- Sends crash reports data to breakpad
  • Updates Check - Default ON -- Requests data from about latest release
  • Slashgear
  • Community Audacity Fork
  • Nothing bad in the current version
  • FOSS (GPL) prevents projects from dieing / being taken over
  • License makes it too easy to cut and run
-- The Extra Credit Section --

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