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The New JAMstack with Brian Rinaldi - JSJ 491

The JAMstack has been a hot item in the web development community for a while. Initially, it was a basic implementation of front-end tools with some sort of hosted backend. Now, the tools and approaches have become much more powerful.

Brian Rinaldi joins the JavaScript Jabber panel to discuss how things have evolved and what people should be looking into now to take advantage of the offerings within the JAMstack community.

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Dan Shappir
  • Steve Edwards


  • Brian P Rinaldi 


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  • Dev Influencers Accelerator


  • Twitter: Brian Rinaldi ( @remotesynth )


  • Brian- Typora
  • Brian-
  • Charles- Zendesk Sell
  • Charles- Kevan Paul | Facebook
  • Charles- Superhuman
  • Dan- Exploring Jamstack

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 2021-07-06  1h0m