Another Berlin

Hello and welcome to Another Berlin. We are Katarina and Cody. We both moved to Berlin a few years ago and the whole idea for this podcast came from wanting to explore the history and culture of the adopted city we love. We want to better understand what makes this city unique and inspires so many to want to call it home. So we will be doing in-depth dives into the ideas and movements that shaped this city and its culture, in parallel with the mainstream.


episode 6: Playgrounds: thoughtfully constructed freedom

Berlin is known for many things, but playgrounds are not one of them. Which is weird because they’re amazing. They might not fit the poor but sexy image of Berlin’s never-ending nightlife, but the playgrounds here are some of the most creative and challenging around. And there are a lot of them.

For the last 50 years Berlin has nurtured playground design and innovation, while many parts of the world retreated to boring plastic slides and rubber ground.

In this episode we explore the complex relationship between city planning, political movements, creative risk taking, legal systems and the history of the playground itself. And discuss the importance of these often overlooked spaces.

Episode 06 is by Katarina Petrovic, Cody SwansonArtwork by: Katarina PetrovicMusic by: Cody Swanson


 2021-07-07  46m