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Pet business coaching topics covering a variety of subjects that aren't frequently discussed. Listen in to Bella, a pet business coaching from Jump Consulting, leading the discussion in a raw and transparent way.


Do You Know How to Balance the Increase?

In this week’s podcast, we are talking about the current influx of clients and how to properly handle taking care of our clients so that we can continue to expand.
You probably want an office manager so your business can be taken care of and you can maintain the balance of work and life. Are we right?
Today’s podcast will cover topics such as managing client expectations, using technology, communication flow, and more!

* Balancing Your Business During Expansion
* Communication Processes and Proper Client Love
* How to Stand Out with Current Conditions

Show Highlights

* Being Aware of Your Sales Process and How the Influx of Clients Effects You (11.30)
* Do You Have a Good Communication Flow? (16.40)
* When to Show Your Clients Love (18.30)
* What are You Doing to Stand Out? (24.00)


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 2021-07-08  25m