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I’m Darin Olien, the “superfood hunter.” On this podcast, you’ll hear honest conversations with extraordinary people that inspire me. I hope that through their knowledge and unique perspectives, they’ll inspire you, too. Although our ideas and approaches to life may differ, our ultimate goal is the same. We want to save the planet. So let’s try, one conversation at a time. Each week I release a second episode where I dive into one of society’s Fatal Conveniences™. I define Fatal Conveniences™ as the things that you’re doing or the products you’re buying to make life easier. But those very things may actually be harming you, or the Earth. But don’t worry, in each episode I give you easy ways to tweak your habits so that you can live a healthier, cleaner life, all while protecting our planet. So if you want to live a kickass life and leave the world a better place, this is the podcast for you.


episode 96: Fatal Conveniences™: Sunless Tanners: Toxic Chemical Sprays

Want to look nice in your vacation pictures? Stop! Don’t pick up that self-tan! Your skin is going to absorb a lot more than just a golden glow. 

This Fatal Conveniences™ segment dives into the ingredients in sunless tanners and the harmful effects they can have on your skin.

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 2021-07-08  18m