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Dave Jackson has been helping people launch podcasts since 2005 and every Saturday he is joined by Jim Collison to is runs the Average Guy Network. Together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching.


episode 351: Is Podcast Success Possible Without Being a Celebrity?

Today we are brought to you by Jim's generator. We talk a little about Joe Rogan, New Podcasting, and more.

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Joe Rogan Quote:
What I tell people about podcasting is you can't make money in podcasting if you're trying to do podcasting to make money. But if you want to do a good job, just want to make great podcast and you just keep doing it, I can't guarantee, but you probably will make money.


01:05 Sponsor: Podcast Branding
02:54 Jim's Generator Saves the Day
07:08 Is Podcasting Success Impossible?
27:30 Getting Started Podcasting
40:05 What to Do With Bad Audio

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 2021-07-10  1h0m