Tim Drugan's Story Time

Humorist and liar Tim Drugan tells stories. Some of these narratives (or anecdotes, or parables) begin with a feeble grip on reality before slipping into the absurd. Many yarns (or chronicles, or fairy tales), however, start in the bizarre and quickly topple into the preposterous.



episode 36: Buying a Garbage Dresser from a Chic Online Store

Episode 36: Tim talks about a dresser he bought and put together from a chic online store, a dresser that turned out to be of abhorrent quality.
This episode represents the end of Season 1 for Tim Drugan's Story Time. The show will return after a short break. For updates on its developments and other fun things, subscribe to Tim's email list at timdrugan.com. Thank you for listening.


 2021-07-13  18m