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episode 51: 51 - Anna Camp (Here Awhile)

This interview was recorded in March 2021.

Actress Anna Camp joins Jenny Curtis and special co-host producer-actress Deborah Lee Smith to talk about her career and recent indie film Here Awhile. 

Episode Timestamps:

6:33 – Anna explains that it’s hard being consistently type cast. With Here Awhile she was able to go outside her comfort zone and play a different type of character.

10:00 — Anna agreed to film Here Awhile almost immediately after reading. Deborah shares that the process was one of the fastest turn arounds to filming that she’s experienced.

11:44 – While preparing for the role in Here Awhile, Anna watched the documentary How to Die in Oregon.

15:13 – She speaks about the work of letting go, even with cameras all around you, and connecting to the spiritual side of the arts and acting. She calls acting a very self-aware art and the need to let go of the ego.

15:49 – 16:22 - AD Break 

18:50 — Deborah shares how Anna takes pieces of her characters with her and what lead to them getting matching tattoos after making the film.

27:42 – Anna explores her path to becoming a professional actor and knowing she wanted to act since second grade.

31:02 — Anna explains why even though the play Equus was a pivot turning point in her career, she initially wasn’t eager for the role because of the required nudity.

34:12 — Anna reveals her top pick for her craziest moment in True Blood.

36:06 – 36:08 —  Ad Break 

37:05 — Anna talks about the evolution of the Pitch Perfect franchise.

40:47 — Anna speaks to the differences of working on a higher budget project like Pitch Perfect 3 compared to an independent film like Here Awhile. Many times lower budget projects create a more intimate and impactful setting for the crew and actors.

42:43 — Anna talks about her guest star roles on iconic television series such as the Office, How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

49:00 — Anna shares the acting moment that she’s most proud of, a scene from her performance in Here Awhile.

50:02 — Anna speaks about moving into the role of producer and projects that she’s excited to help get off the ground.

53:56 — The conversation shifts back to Here Awhile and Deborah shares what attracted her to the script.

56:01 — Anna expresses what being a storyteller means to her.



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 2021-07-13  57m