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Lick My Freestyle – The Fundip Cherry Mix

Lick My Freestyle - The Fundip Cherry Mix Mixed By DaUnknownAdmin Lick My Freestyle - The Fundip Cherry Mix was created to initially be part of a 3 mix series from two of the Co-Owners of Freestyle.FM and the owner of the newly launched FreestylePhanatics iRadio Station. This is my portion of the 3 part set, the Cherry Flavor of what I labeled as the Fundip Set. I mixed some Freestyle Classic songs along with Accapellas and Bonus Beats. 1.] Joey Gold - Devil In My Heart2.] Johnny O - Runaway Love3.] Babie and Keyes - Secrets Of Love4.] House Without A Home - Running5.] Coro - Do Unto Me6.] Edmond - Taught Me7.] Information Society - What's On Your Mind8.] Babie & Keys - Playgirl9.] Susan Santiago - Open Up Your Heart10.] Lissette Melendez - Time Passes By11.] Carlos Berrios - Back In Time12.] Fascination - Don't You Think It's Time13.] Willie & Gil - Time14.] Two Without Hats - The Breeze15.] Master At Work - The Ha Dance16.] Freez - A.E.I.O.U17.] Freeze - Lonely Days, Lonely Nights (Ray Raw Remix)18.] Rockers Revenge - Walking on Sunshine19.] Tears May Fall - TKA20.] I Surrender - Sweet Sensation


 2012-03-22  20m