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The Lunch Time Hang Out Show Episode #1

The Lunch Time Hang Out Show Episode #1
The Lunch Time Hang Out Show Episode #1, in this episode we play some classic Freestyle Music tracks along with some bangers that didn't have regular airplay on mainstream radio stations.

1.] Set It Off - Strafe
2.] Honey To A Bee - Tina B
3.] Inside Outside - The Cover Girls
4.] Tears May Fall - TKA
5.] Regrets Only - Tomax
6.] Give Me Back My Hear - Corina
7.] Fallen Angel - Clear Touch
8.] Look Into My Eyes - Bobby Delante
9.] I Found In You - Artie & Legit ( Hot Track Of The Week)
10.] Be Sure - Samantha
11.] Every Night - Sebastian
12.] Midnight Passion - Nyasia
13.] Apache - 3 Bad Brothaz
14.] When Will I See You Again - TKA

The Lunch Time Hang Out Show is a weekly one-hour Freestyle Show showcasing the best in Freestyle Music. It is hosted by Da Unknown Admin and Varrinique and simulcast and broadcasted live across multiple internet radio stations as well as podcasted on iTunes and various other media sites.



 2012-03-08  59m