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Freestyle ThunderDome Battle Mix

Freestyle ThunderDome Battle Mix

A Mix of Freestyle Songs By Artists Who's Names Start With The Letters; T, J, H. With A Max Time Of 30 Minutes.
In Order Of Appearance...

1.] TKA - When Will I See You Again
2.] TKA - Maria
3.] TKA - Come Get My Love
4.] TKA - X Ray Vision
5.] TKA - Tears May Fall
6.] Tolga - Leave It All Behind
7.] Judy Torres - No Reason To Cry
8.] Judy Torres - Love You Will You Love Me
9.] Tonasia - Wondering
10.] Tonasia - Tears of Tears
11.] Tonasia - Games of Love
12.] Jen Mallilo - Give Me One
13.] Jocelyn Enriquez - Make This Last
14.] Jonelle - Who's Sorry Now
15.] Jonelle - Unforgivable
16.] Joei Mae - Promise Me Your Heart
17.] Joei Mae - He's My Baby
18.] Johnny O - Runaway Love
19.] Joey Gold - Devil In My Heart
20.] Hedi Mathus - Tables Turn


 2011-11-08  29m