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Heavy Networking 588: Exploring The Hidden Realms Of Subsea Cables With Telstra (Sponsored)

Here’s something you probably don’t think about much: subsea communications cables. And yet, they are an everyday and essential part of Internet traffic as well as B2B communications. They make an international Internet work, and are essential in areas such as the Asia-Pacific region with its many  nations separated by large bodies of water.
Telstra is this episode’s sponsor, and they’ve sent us a couple of folks knowledgeable about undersea cabling. We’re going to get nerdy about how undersea cables are laid, signalling methods, POPs and landing stations, and who consumes services from these cables. We also explore how they can be damaged (and repaired), Telstra’s Network Operations Centers (NOCs) that monitor cables and ocean traffic, and whether low-earth-orbit satellite constellations might someday replace the need for these cables.
Our Telstra guests are Andy Lumsden, Head of Network Engineering and Operations; and Jeff McHardy, General Manager, Network Development and Commercial Management.
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Jeff McHardy on LinkedIn
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 2021-07-13  59m