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episode 2: How To Add Legs To Your Content With Podcasting

Black Widow killed it at the box office and with streaming revenues last week. Even with hundreds (or more) of illicit copies o uploaded to various torrent servers within hours of the movie’s premiere. 

Last week, Macmillan Publishers repurposed their Stories from Among the Stars podcast feed and are now releasing full audiobook versions of some of their most popular titles on that feed. They’re the first (at least the first I can think of immediately) big publisher to officially adopt this model and use it with their expansive catalog. 

What these two examples demonstrate is a drum I’ve been beating for years: The container often matters as much as the content.

And as has been proven time and time again, digital containers aren't cannibalistic to other forms of content. 

If you’re more than just a podcaster, you should ride this again-trending wave. If you do in-person consultations, consider putting out a few online, self-serve courses. Try your hand at a video series of you walking people through a process you’ve mastered and are well compensated for. Or make an audio-only version that doesn’t require visual elements and release it as a podcast. Record yourself making your podcast and put it live on TikTok or the next new thing. 

Do whatever it is you do, customized for as many containers as you can, to give your source content the legs it deserves because you're much more than just a podcaster. Assuming you want to be.

I think we're seeing the reemergence of a trend of using podcasting as a vehicle to spread content, but not the only vehicle to spread that original content.


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