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The Central Florida Buzz with Mike Kara - The Joys of Home Brewing - July 2021 - W members from CFHB

7/11/21 - Edition of The Central Florida Buzz with Mike Kara Today we are presenting a show called - "The Joys of Home Brewing - Hey Honey, Let's make some Mead!". The show features members of The Central Florida Home Brewers. The guests include, John Sather, who is a member of CFHB, Joe Leigh, who is the owner of  Zymarium Meadery, which will be coming soon, & Matt Hunsworth, who is Vice President of Lagers, on the Education Committee & is a member of CFHB. Relevant websites can be found at :// & & CFHB and Zymarium are both located in beautiful Orlando, Florida


 2021-07-13  52m