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episode 281: Homeward Bound

This week on Unorthodox, we’re observing Tisha B’Av, the Jewish day of mourning, and Tu B’Av, the Jewish Valentine’s Day, all at once.

First we hear from Menachem Kaiser, author of “Plunder: A Memoir of Family Property and Nazi Treasure,” his story of attempting to reclaim an apartment building in Sosnowice, Poland that his family owned before the Holocaust, and his unlikely discovery of a familial connection to... Nazi treasure hunters.

Then we talk to NFL reporter Jori Epstein and Holocaust survivor Max Glauben about collaborating to write “The Upstander,” a book that tells the story of Max’s life and the lessons he wants to share.

And finally, in honor of Tu B’Av, the Jewish Valentine’s Day, we check in with Unorthodox listeners Sabrina and Brian Cartan, who ran into Jeff Goldblum while taking their wedding photos this weekend.

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 2021-07-15  1h14m