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Episode 70: Eol’s Adventure with Hammock from KVGM Radio

The VGMbassy welcomes an esteemed representative of Aqua City as KVGM Radio host Hammock stops by for a visit! On today’s show, Ed and Hammock check out a fantastic FM AdLib soundtrack from an obscure Korean DOS platformer called Eol’s Adventure, developed by Family Production and composed by Sung-Wook Moon. The music is not to be missed, so grab a cozy chair by the pool and join us for an amazing listen!

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Eol-ui Moheom (Eol’s Adventure)
MS-DOS, 1995
Composed by Sung-Wook Moon
Developed by Family Production
Published by Gameland

The Tracklist:

1 – Opening Theme
2 – Title
3 – Stage 1-1 (Forest Outskirts)
4 – Stage 1-2 (Deep Forest)
5 – Stage 2-1 (Mine)
6 – Stage 2-2 (Minecart Ride)
7 – Stage 3-1 (Volcano 1)
8 – Stage 3-2 (Volcano 2)
9 – Stage 4-1 (Crystal Caves Day)
10 – Stage 4-2 (Crystal Caves Night)
11 – Stage 5-2 (Clockwork City Night)
12 – Boss 2 (Final)
13 – Ending


 2021-07-15  1h9m