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episode 47: Understanding Neuroinflammation

Guest Name and Bio:
Dr. Michael Broukhim

Dr. Broukhim trained at the University of Arizona for his psychiatry residency and participated in the Integrative Psychiatry track for 2 years. During his training he also spent time undergoing the Integrative Psychiatry Institute’s year long fellowship program and became certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy. He was also trained in Mentalization Based therapy and other psychotherapy techniques. Dr. Broukhim credits his Integrative residency training to aid him to bring hope to patients to change their narrative to one of health, healing, and empowerment. Dr. Broukhim is now an Adult Psychiatrist at HOPE Integrative Psychiatry and also a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Arizona

What you will learn from this episode:

1) What is neuroinflammation
2) How can I treat inflammation that impacts the brain
3) Top supplements that can be used to treat neuroinflammation
4) The role of gut-brain connection in mental health
5) How trauma can impact health long term

How to learn more about our guest:

Instagram: @hopeintegpsychiatry
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 2021-07-16  33m