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All Good Things Must End

This week, we're talking about endings. No, the TV Dudes aren't ending, we are eternal, like Twinkies and the TVA. But we are talking about the end of Loki season one on Disney+, the final season of Atypical on NETFLIX, and the final episodes of Mythic Quest season two on Apple+. We'll also be talking about the end of Randy's patience with the Emmy's and the end of Les and Randy's patience with Adult Swim's dumb streaming rules that make it impossible for them to talk Rick & Morty this week with Kyle and Nick. And we'll be talking about the sketch and performance show taped in London's East End, Taskmaster, a Patreon request that we watched on Youtube.

OK, we actually don't know where Taskmaster is taped, but we had to cram it into the theme somehow.

2:44-21:48 TV Diary
21:48-29:50 Randy Hates The Emmys
29:50 -40:30 Stranger Than Fan-Fiction
41:55-54:24 Taskmaster (Youtube)
54:52-1:08:22 Rick & Morty (ADULTSWIM)
1:08:36-1:21:16 Atypical (NETFLIX)
1:21:24-1:35:25 Mythic Quest (Apple+)
1:35:25-Loki (Disney+)


 2021-07-16  1h49m