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Heavy Networking 589: Cloud Networking’s Good, Bad, And Ugly: What CSPs Don’t Tell You (Sponsored)

We have a cloud networking show for you on today’s Heavy Networking. Why? Because cloud networking is an inconsistent beast from cloud to cloud, and simply isn’t like what we’ve been building on-premises all these years.
There’s good. There’s bad. And there’s ugly. That’s how we’re going to approach today’s cloud networking discussion, a review of where things are at and how some of the nasty bits of cloud networking can be improved, particularly in the areas of troubleshooting, visibility, security, and automation. Our sponsor is Aviatrix, and they’ve sent us three architects to nerd out about cloud network design and how Aviatrix solutions might fit into the picture.
We welcome Aviatrix Solutions Architects Brad Hedlund and James Devine, and customer Chris Oliver, Principal Infrastructure Architect with NI, to the Packet Pushers virtual studio.
We discuss:

* Challenges of troubleshooting cloud networks
* How Aviatrix can leverage cloud flows for visibility
* Enabling traffic engineering between clouds
* Firewall insertion options with Aviatrix
* Aviatrix’s support for multi-cloud networking
* Terraform and automation
* More

Show Links:
James Devine on LinkedIn
AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide: Specialty Exam – Amazon
Brad Hedlund on LinkedIn
Chris Oliver on LinkedIn


 2021-07-16  1h3m