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We are Raiders of the Podcast. We are a weekly podcast about movies. Sometimes new ones, often older ones, frequently bad ones. We like cowboy hats, face hugs, strangely sexual automaton interactions, and listeners like you.


Mind Your Teas and Qs

      This week two girls with slight daddy issues and different ways of expressing their inner turmoil. 

     13- year old Rynn's father is a poet and far too secretive for their nosey landlady, Mrs. Hallet, who keeps finding reasons to bother them. Which, in turn, gives her son reason to suspect that his bothering Rynn won't have anyone to interfere. Part takedown of small town bigotry and isolationism, part children's rights parable, part  wrapped in a unique horror mystery... what happened to The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane?
     Cécile has her father's ashes in a Tupperware container. Her grief turns her into the embodiment of desire as she roams through a small French seaside city. There's a vague economic crisis and a group of connected but nameless and faceless pretty young people stumble around with her. Will Cécile and the rest find whatever it is they are looking for? Or is there nothing but Q (aka Desire)?
     All that and Dave gets senile, Kevin self harms, and Tyler rolls in something. Join us, won't you?

Episode 214- Mind Your Teas and Qs


 2021-07-17  n/a