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episode 5: The Best Way To Control Your Podcast's Quality

It’s not often that Dave Jackson, Ray Ortega, and myself find ourselves upstaged by a guest, but that’s just what happened on Podcasters' Roundtable when Mike Carruthers of the podcast Something You Should Know said that 20% of the interviews he conducts are never heard by his audience.

Why? Because they aren’t good enough for Mike. 

And paraphrasing what I said during the taping, I wish more podcasters cared so much about their show that they too would only allow the highest quality episodes to be heard.

Can you do that? Can your podcasting process handle every 5th episode needing to be scrapped? More importantly, do you care enough about your podcast to make sure that only the very best episodes are released?

Every day, professionals with years of media experience are tirelessly making their shows more attractive to their listeners, as well as drawing audiences away from subpar shows. Every day, listeners are finding amazing podcasting content from podcasters that do not truck with subpar episodes. And those same listeners are finding they have less and less room in their media consumption diet for shows with inconsistent or sub-par quality.

Don't let your show be a statistic. The best way to control the quality of your podcast is to actually start controlling the quality of your podcast. 


Links Mentioned:

• Advancing Podcasting -  http://advancingpodcasting.xyz

• Mike Carruthers - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mcarruthers

• Something You Should Know - https://www.somethingyoushouldknow.net

• 20% don’t make it (YouTube) - https://youtu.be/uBFGHevGoo8?t=3342

•Podcasters’ Roundtable - https://www.podcastersroundtable.com

• Dave Jackson - https://twitter.com/DaveJackson

• Ray Ortega - https://twitter.com/PodcastHelper

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 2021-07-19  9m