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episode 41: Cooking is connecting. Kibby's story on the theraputic connecting power that can take place in the kitchen to help children break through the barriers of trauma and maladaptive behaviors. [transcript]

Kibby has been cooking in the kitchen for over 25 years. In his role as a biological, foster, and adoptive parent, he has seen first-hand the affects that trauma can have on a child’s relationships and their ability to receive love, regulation, and support - even from the most well-meaning of caregivers. Over the last year he has became more trauma informed to better understand  all of this. During this time, something amazing happened and he saw first hand the power of connecting in the kitchen and the benefits it can have on breaking through the barriers of trauma and maladaptive behaviors in children. Not only does cooking and connecting have that power, but it also  gives caregivers and parents a voice that speaks love, acceptance, and safety. Somethiing that children need when they have experienced trauma.

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 2021-07-20  1h14m