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episode 6: Will You Create or Steal Your Next Podcast's Listeners?

To a certain degree, all new podcasts steal at least some market share from other podcasts. Some 80 million Americans report listening to podcasts on a weekly basis. And it’s really hard to listen to two podcasts at the same time.

But some are true pioneers. Seasoned podcasters scratching a creative itch by presenting something radically different to podcast listeners. During my tenure in podcasting, I’ve been among those people. 

If you’re going for an existing marketplace, can you compete against the players who are already there, either in process or budget?

If you’re blazing a new trail, how confident are you that anyone wants to listen to what you’re creating? 

Podcasting is anything but uniform. So your approach to audience development for your next podcast needs to be tailored to the audience you’re trying to reach—one that already exists or one that you have to build from scratch, one person at a time.

Both options are valid, and the path you take really is mostly dependent upon you and your capabilities. So as I say often on this show; choose wisely.


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 2021-07-20  10m