We Blame Harry Styles

We Blame Harry Styles is a podcast dedicated to the work of musician, model, actor, and icon Harry Styles. It is hosted by Gray (he/him) and Key (he/they). This podcast is unofficial, commentary-based, and unaffiliated with Harry Styles or any of his collaborators.



episode 12: LIGHTS UP MUSIC VIDEO (+ song analysis). OUT NOW.

In episode 12, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) try and get to the bottom of why Lights Up means so much to them through an analysis of the music video and song- something they’ve both been wanting to do since the podcast began.

After explaining why analyzing Lights Up is so important to them in the first place, they start by going over the memorable timeline of release (6:00). They then recap the video in a few different ways- by reviewing some of the ways various publications covered the music video (13:18) and by going through the video scene by scene with Key (18:51).

After describing their first experiences with the music video they then get into more details in terms of aesthetics (33:14), with particular attention paid to lighting and costuming.

Then, after Gray performs a dramatic reading of the Lights Up lyrics (54:57), they finally get into an in-depth discussion of the theme (59:26). Is this discussion the most galaxy brain moment of the podcast so far? You decide! Tune in for emotional babbling, some comments from Key that either make no sense at all or might be kinda insightful, and Gray somehow working in the phrase: “what’s good Cosmopolitan?”

They end the show by breaking down what Harry himself has said about the song/video (1:41:34), wrapping up with closing thoughts (1:50:36), and briefly chatting about some non-Harry things that have brought them joy over the week (1:53:46).

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 2021-04-18  1h57m