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We Blame Harry Styles is a podcast dedicated to the work of musician, model, actor, and icon Harry Styles. It is hosted by Gray (he/him) and Key (he/they). This podcast is unofficial, commentary-based, and unaffiliated with Harry Styles or any of his collaborators.



episode 6: Behind the Fine Line Cover Shoot

In episode 6, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) break down every detail of the Fine Line cover shoot, paying particular attention to the work of photographer Tim Walker and set designer Shona Heath.

After briefly discussing this week’s news (1:00) including some mandatory clowning about Harry’s possible appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (2:40), they dive into the main segment (8:23).

First Key provides some background on surrealism as an artistic movement with a disclaimer that he is not an art historian (11:57), followed by an explanation from both hosts regarding why they feel delving into the cover shoot for Fine Line is worthwhile more than a year after it was first revealed (16:09). They then dive into an analysis of the album cover photo (19:04), from the color palette and possible artistic influences to the iconic Fine Line pose and the mysterious gloved hand that has lived rent free in the minds of Harries everywhere.

After, they move into discussions of the rest of the photos that emerged from the shoot, from the yellow and purple photo deemed “Moose Knuckle” and the photo known simply as “Egg”(33:54) to the infamous Lone Nude (45:03) and more. They then end the main segment with speculation about the potential cover art for HS3 (1:07:47).

Key and Gray close out the show by laughing at internet comments in “must get rid of toxic in community” (1:10:24) and chatting about some non-Harry things that have brought them joy throughout the week (1:15:33).

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 2021-01-18  1h18m