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Tripp Lanier has coached Navy SEALs, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs to align their lives with their career and relationships. He covers topics guys are hungry to explore but typically only discuss after a few beers. Each episode consists of real world, practical advice so guys can get out of the rat race and live a life of purpose and meaning. Guests range from Tim Ferriss to Laird Hamilton to Navy SEALs to zen masters to “ordinary” guys living extraordinary lives. Topics include: mindset, purpose, power, relationships, sex, overcoming fear, lifestyle design, and spirituality. Read Tripp's latest book, This Book Will Make You Dangerous.


episode 303: Imposter Syndrome - Is it You Against the World?

Ever feel like it’s you against the world? Does imposter syndrome give you the sense that at any moment it’s all gonna come crashing down? And how does this pressure to perform put us in a version of hell? Today we talk about pressure, perfectionism, and why we need to tune into our bigger selves to pull us out of hell. In this video: Dealing with pressure, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome Always needing to “get it right” How protecting, pleasing, proving makes us weaker Getting out of our fearful, prey mindset Accessing our deeper, higher selves You don't have to settle. Click here to learn the same mindset principles that Tripp Lanier uses with his coaching clients — including Navy SEALs, executives, and entrepreneurs. The Daily Toolkit is available for immediate download. Most men will let fear get the best of them. This book is not for most men. This Book Will Make You Dangerous is a swift kick in the ass that will make you laugh out loud. It’s a practical guide to play for what we truly want, to get over ourselves, and have a ton of fun along the way. This Book Will Make You Dangerous is now available at


 2021-07-21  16m