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HR 3: Walk-Off Win

The Dodgers had a great walk-off win last night with a 3-run homer from Will Smith, keeping them right on pace with the Giants in the standings. With pitchers dropping like flies, do the Dodgers need to make a deal for a starter? Are the Angels too cheap to go after Scherzer since he’s expecting to be traded to a team that will sign him long term? Is pitching their only issue? Also, Lindsey went to the Angels game Friday but did NOT get a Shohei Ohtani bobblehead because she didn’t get there in time. Mason is going to the Dodgers game tonight - hopefully he doesn’t bring the Mason curse! Mason claims to know the origin of the word “gossip”... Ireland tries to guess but Mason has the real story. GAME OF GAMES - Mychal hosts a round of “Junk Food Trivia” in honor of National Junk Food Day.


 2021-07-22  34m