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HR 2: Dr. Evil

Took calls from listeners about Bezos spending money on space trip - and Mychal Thompson is here and has a take on Mason’s Bezos-bashing. Also, Deion Sanders had an interesting exchange with a reporter today when he called him by his first name. Is Deion Sanders making a big deal out of this because he thinks he should get more respect? Or is this just a ploy to get the media talking? Plus, It’s Lindsey Lohan’s birthday and David Hasselhoff’s too - two celebs that people have And RADIO TINDER - Producer Lindsey asks the guys about a female neighbor sunbathing in a bikini during a heatwave; If bra money is socially acceptable; If they’ve ever put themselves in harm’s way for a selfie - all in Radio Tinder.


 2021-07-22  55m