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HR 1: The Bucks are the NBA Champions!

Giannis carried the Bucks to a Game 6 victory to win the NBA Championship last night - and he made it a point to say he didn’t join a super team because that’s the “easy” way. Was that a shot at LeBron, KD? What would the Lakers look like with CP3 on the team? A 132-night "world cruise" sold out in under three hours, despite pandemic worries that have hobbled the cruise industry and steep prices that start at $75k per guest… Take the money out of it, would you be interested in seeing the world if it meant spending 4 months on a ship? WHEEL OF QUESTIONS - On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you? … Nick Saban said one of his players already has $1 million in NIL deals - will that cause issues with other student athletes or will it actually help motivate and recruit? Dr Evil Goes To Space! Jeff Bezos took a $5 billion dollar ego trip right outside of earth’s atmosphere - and for what? Do you think it’s cool or disgusting?


 2021-07-22  48m