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Episode #250: The One Thing You Need To Be A Better Leader

This week’s podcast is all about perseverance and how this can make you a better leader. You will learn the benefits of being a part of a community and how to motivate yourself and your staff. As well as how to find the different things that make you want to preserve more.

“Doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” It is all about how you press on and keep going no matter what challenges you have to face.
Be Apart of Your Community, Isolation is Dangerous

The people you surround yourself with are going to have the most impact on you. They can see what you are blind to, where you need help, and have faith in you. You can succeed and keep pressing on and having the right people around you will give you that motivation.
To Be A Great Leader You Need to Know What Makes You Preserve

Other people having faith in you is important but you need to have faith in yourself! What motivates you? What makes you try again and again until you can do it? Knowing what gives you motivation and providing support to your employees will make you a better leader!
Show Highlights

* How to Keep Pressing On (3.40)
* Screen Your Applicants and Learn Who to Select (5.45)
* Recognizing if You are off Balance and Jump Back-Up (9.00)
* Look at the People You Surround Yourself with (14.00)
* Find What Makes You Persevere (17.50)
* You are a Leader, Uplift Yourself so You Can Uplift Others (22.20)



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* Mastermind

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 2021-07-22  21m