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Bette Davis Lies

     Double the slasher mayhem, double the final girl show down, double the meta commentary!

     Pendleton University has developed a bad case of the someone is killing a friend group in ways directly connected to one of the classes they are all in together. Could these be the work of the professor whose life's work inspires the murders or the desperate to avoid attention dean at all costs or the janitor who happens to be the sole survivor of another killing spree on university grounds? Nah. It's none of them but the killer is definitely knowledgeable on Urban Legend.
     Max's mother was an actress desperate to break out from the shadow of a slasher movie she starred in 25 years earlier. When she dies in a tragic accident, Max never properly resolved her feelings and, on the third anniversary of her mother's death, the movie they had tried desperately to escape will force her to come to terms with herself and her grief. A heartfelt view of grief and a sly homage to camp classics through a sharp modern eye. There's some heavy introspection for The Final Girls.
     All that and Dave will always know what you did last summer and it wasn't very fun, Tyler gets a membership at a nice new death spa with a good laps pool, and Kevin looks at property on Fear boulevard three blocks from Point Horror. Join us, won't you?

EPISODE 215- Bette Davie Lies


 2021-07-24  n/a