Talking Flutes!

The #1 Flute Podcast Channel ‘Talking Flutes‘ where the recipe and ingredients are very simple. Take a leading flute player, author, golfer and Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London (Clare Southworth) and mix with flute player, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker and Managing Director of the world famous TJ flute brand (Jean-Paul Wright). Then speak with some of the world‘s leading flute players including Sir James Galway, Jasmine Choi, Denis Bouriakov, Paul Edmund-Davies, Gareth Davies (too many more beautiful flute playing guests to mention in a single paragraph), and gently mix these together with some Grammy and Emmy winning musicians. Top with mental health awareness advice from Dr Joe Stammeijer and finish with some stunning music, laughs and plenty of fun.


173. What do you call somebody who plays the flute? - Clare Southworth & Jean-Paul Wright

"Flutist, Flautist, Flute player?" The name really does matter to some!

This week on "Your flute questions answered part 3" Clare and Jean-Paul look at Clare's favourite recording of her playing 'Valse Caprice" by Daniel S. Wood and look at the pros and cons of listening to recordings of pieces you're playing.

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 2021-07-26  22m