Understanding CBD with Max and Steven as heard on WCBM Radio

Curious about CBD? Let Max Sobol and Steven Walman of Max and Steven’s, two home-grown Baltimore boys and CBD experts, be your guides. We’ve got an exciting line-up of special guests and experts ready to answer your questions, empower you as a consumer and entertain you at the same time.



episode 74: Stormy Simon and CBD

Special Guest: Stormy Simon is our special guest this week on Understanding CBD. She made herself famous by helping to drive Overstock.com from a 20 million dollar company to a 2 billion dollar e-commerce powerhouse during her 15 year tenure. In 2016, Stormy resigned from her position as president to pursue an entry-level position in the cannabis industry. Listen to learn what it was like for Stormy along the way and why she made the decisions she did.

Plus: This week’s “cannabis investments” segment features Robert Ziner, MBA. He is the founder and CEO of CIHC (Canadian Industrial Hemp Corporation). Robert is combining his experience in automation and AI to build a sustainable hemp processing business that promises good paying jobs and opportunities for many.


 2021-07-25  44m