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episode 378: Using Pod Decks for Podcast Segments and Formats

Travis from from Pod Decks sent me a package of his five latest decks. Pod Decks are essential flash/playing cards with episode, segment, and question ideas. If you need ideas for your podcast, they can be a great tool.   On this episode, I review the Pod Decks package from Travis and talk more about how you can use Pod Decks as a tool to make your podcast better.   Want to hear them in use? I use the "interview decks" as a tool for my daily sausage factory podcast. I'm also using the "Episode Ideas" deck for episodes of the sister podcast to this one, RED Podcast and will likely have some behind-the-scenes from these episodes here, so you can see my thought process of outlining and planning podcast episodes using Pod Decks as a tool.    Don't Let Your Podcast Be Ignored - Download my free "Podcast Growth Toolkit" to double your podcast audience.      


 2021-07-26  11m