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episode 115: Growing Your Business through an Accessible and Sustainable Website - The Journey of Alisa Herr (Growth Marketing Series) [transcript]

A website can be a bridge between your business and a potential client despite miles of distance. But people come from various walks of life — their abilities, needs, and wants all differ from each other. How can you pique their interest in what you have to offer? 

Joining us is Alisa Herr, CEO of Unity Web Agency. Alisa starts by sharing her journey and struggles to start Unity. She aims to show how important it is to create an accessible and sustainable website. Alisa also shares how her company implemented an equal-pay policy and what this means for her employees. Through all of this, you also need to remember that it’s vital to know your financial numbers so that you can make well-informed decisions for your company’s growth.

With Alisa’s knowledge, you can equip yourself to face these challenges head-on. You now have more tools to grow your business and still look out for people and the planet. 

If you're in a position to make your business more accessible, this episode is for you.

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Gain valuable insights from Alisa’s journey to start her own web design business that promotes inclusivity.
  2. Learn how you can have an accessible and sustainable website.
  3. Find out what goals you can set to create a better and more inclusive environment for your team and your clients.

Episode Highlights

  • [05:50] Alisa’s Journey to Starting Unity Web Agency
  • [08:54] The Difference Between Unity and Other Website Agencies
  • [10:32] What an Accessible Website Means
  • [12:53] How to Make a Website More Accessible
  • [17:19] What a Sustainable Website Means
  • [20:59] Partnership with Ablr 
  • [22:56] The Key Components of a Functional and Well-Designed Website 
  • [29:14] Unity’s Equal Pay Policy
  • [34:30] Ensuring Business Profitability and Sustainability
  • [36:38] Setting Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
  • [40:07] Initial Struggles When Establishing the Agency

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 2021-05-13  44m