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episode 118: Using a Special Purpose Vehicle as an Option for Capital Raising - The Journey of Katie Neilson (Alternative Capital Raising Series) [transcript]

As a business owner, you need to raise capital to grow and scale your business. I always believe there are many different ways to raise capital. However, it is easy to get lost because of the various options. If you want to raise capital and get the flexibility to control outcomes, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) may be your answer.

Today on Her CEO Journey, Katie Neilson discusses capital raising using a special purpose vehicle. She helps us understand this investment vehicle and the benefits this presents for founders and investors. Katie also shares some options you can explore if you’re thinking of using SPV to raise capital.

If you are a mission-driven founder who is looking for a different method of raising capital, this episode is for you.

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Determine the difference between a special purpose vehicle and venture capital.
  2. Learn how a special purpose vehicle can help founders raise capital.
  3. Find out the benefits of a special purpose vehicle in capital raising.

Episode Highlights

  • [05:47] Katie's Journey in Co-Founding Assure
  • [08:19] Katie and Her Co-Founder's Background
  • [08:57] What Is a Special Purpose Vehicle?
  • [11:50] What Is an Organizer?
  • [12:41] The Difference Between SPV and Venture Capital
  • [15:42] How Assure Managed to Lower the Cost of SPV
  • [18:03] Hybrid Fund: A Combination of SPV and Venture Capital
  • [23:51] The Benefits of Special Purpose Vehicle for Founders
  • [26:32] Preparation for Fundraising
  • [28:34] What Is a Syndication?
  • [30:34] Key Takeaways in Fundraising through SVP
  • [33:00] How to Set Up an SVP or Work with Assure

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 2021-06-03  34m