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The podcast for GPs, hospital doctors and other professionals in high-stakes, high-stress jobs who want to thrive rather than just survive. You studied for years, you’re really good at what you do but you’ve noticed that you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, overworked and under-resourced. You may be comparing yourself to a frog in boiling water - the heat has built up so slowly that you haven’t noticed the extra-long days becoming the norm. You may feel on the edge and trapped in the very job that you’ve spent years working towards. Here’s the problem, frogs only have two choices; stay and be boiled alive, or jump out of the pan. The good news is that you are not a frog. You have many more choices than you think you do. You don’t have to quit, and nor should stress and burnout be inevitable. It is possible to be master of your own destiny, to craft your work life and career so that you can thrive even in the most difficult of situations. There are simple changes you can make which will make a huge difference to your stress levels and help you enjoy life again...


episode 12: When doctors lose someone they love, with Dr Jo Scrivens


In this episode, Rachel is joined by Dr Jo Scrivens, Portfolio GP, Cambridgeshire LMC member and Red Whale Lead. Manage. Thrive! Course co-presenter. 

We chat about what happened when her Mother died following a diagnosis of cancer. Jo speaks about how this affected her, how she coped with going through the diagnosis and treatment process with her family and how she managed her family and work whilst this was all going on. 

We talk about the relief she felt when a Macmillan nurse told Jo she would treat her as a relative and not a doctor, and discuss how important it is to be able to be in the role of a friend or relative and not a member of the medical profession when you are coping with losing a loved one.

Jo shares some of the books and other resources that have helped her and shares some insights she gained about herself and the dying process.

Podcast links

Thinking Out Loud: Love, Grief and Being Mum and Dad, Rio Ferdinand

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy, Sheryl Sandberg

Resilient Grieving, Lucy Hone

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 2019-11-26  40m