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Weekly panel discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. This show is primarily focused on the web ecosystem, but also covers NodeJS, mobile, and language features.


Flutter Essentials ft. Allen Wyma - JSJ 494

Allen Wyma, host of the Flying High with Flutter podcast, joins the Jabber panel to discuss building mobile applications with Flutter.

The discussion includes an exploration of Flutter, how to get started, how it's different from other platforms, and who should consider using it.


  • Charles Max Wood
  • Steve Edwards


  • Allen Wyma


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  • Flying High with Flutter
  • Twitter: Plangora ( @Plangora )
  • Twitter: Flying High with Flutter ( @fhwflutter )
  • Twitter: Allen ( @allenwyma )


  • Allen- Behind the birth of Dart - YouTube
  • Allen- Rust Servers, Services, and Apps
  • Allen- Rust Web Development 
  • Charles- Outwitting the Devil 
  • Charles- Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words
  • Charles- Podcast Guest Preparation Instructions |

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  • | Facebook
  • Twitter: ( @devchattv )

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  • Twitter: Steve Edwards ( @wonder95 )
  • GitHub: Steve Edwards ( wonder95 )
  • LinkedIn: Steve Edwards

Special Guest: Allen Wyma.

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 2021-07-27  52m