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episode 80: Using Wikipedia Within Your PR Strategy with Lumino’s Rhiannon Ruff

In This Episode…

We talk with Lumino’s Rhiannon Ruff about Wikipedia. Yes, the site you use for research but forget to use for your brands. We discuss the reasons why you should use it, why it’s important to put accurate information, why it’s biased, and how it helps brand reputation. If you are wanting to jump into Wikipedia, this is a great episode for you!


Show Notes

·      [00:52] Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

·      [02:09] Can you give a brief overview of your expertise?

·      [03:34] How can brands use Wikipedia?

·      [05:50] Wikipedia is a long-term strategy, but, how do brands use this to their advantage?  

·      [07:56] What are the other added benefits for brands?

·      [09:17] How does Wikipedia work with the content strategy?

·      [10:42] There is a negative perception of Wikipedia, so, how do you convince brands to use it?

·      [12:51] How do you convince people that Wikipedia is a great tool and not that biased?

·      [15:48] Should brand be thinking of Wikipedia as part of their brand reputation?

·      [17:27] How do PR pro remember not to forget about Wikipedia?

·      [19:19] What do you think the future of Wikipedia is going?

·      [20:22] Fun question: If you could create a new Wikipedia, how would you create it?

·      [21:25] Final thoughts

People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

·      Rhiannon Ruff was our guest today. Learn more about Lumino.

Episode Length: 22:46

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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 2021-07-28  22m